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      Jiangsu Guoneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
          Pump Series
          Valve series

      Jiangsu GuoNeng Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in scenery Jingjiang of Jiangsu Province with register capital 6 million Yuan. There are 568 employees, including 95 engineering staff. Our company insists on principle of “scientific management, sincere service, technology innovation and strive for greatness”.

      Our leading products in 8 series:
      Pump series: WFB no-sealing self-control self-priming pump, GCY long-shaft underwater pump, GLC vertical long shaft pump, ZA, ZAO petroleum petrol-chemical process pump, CZ petrol-chemical process pump, GNCLB salt lake brine pump, IHFTefulong chemical centrifugal pump, FSB fluorine alloy centrifugal pump, JFBholding plate type fluorine alloy industrial pump, JFZB holding plate type fluorine alloy self-priming pump, IH chemical centrifugal pump, S double-sunction centrifugal pump, OTS double-sunction centrifugal pump, D, DG type horizontal multi-stage pump, DL vertical multistage pump, ZJ horizontal slurry pump, ZJL vertical type slurry pump, GLDC vertical mixed flow submerged pump, UHB anticorrosion & anti-abrasion mortar pump, ZW horizontal self-priming pump, ISG piping centrifugal pump, QW submersible sewage pump, GDPW multi-head sewage pump, GNB series high-effiency energy-saving self-control self-priming pump

      Non-negative water supply equipment:  GWF-g pot-type non-negative water supply equipment , GWF-x non-negative water supply equipment )

      Environmental protection equipment: Air cleaning facility, Noise abatement equipment, Environmental monitoring equipment, Waste gas treatment equipment, Solid waste treatment equipment, Dust removal by filtration equipment

      Water treatment equipment: recycled water reusing equipment, waste water treatment equipment, Industrial water purification equipment, deionizing equipment, water softening device, circulating water treatment equipment, sea water desalting equipment

      Valves: sluice valve, butterfly valve,  ball valve,  stop valve,  check valve, throttle valve, reducing valve, plunger valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, plug valve, blow-down valve

      Industrial pipeline: Steel lining PTFE tube, Steel lined plastic composite tube, Ceramic lined composite tube, Bimetal composite pipe

      Wear proofing and heat resistant steel: Heat resistant steel castings, Wear resistant steel castings, Heat resisting steel tube, High-temperature resistant furnace tube, Heat resistant alloy tube, Wear resistant alloy tube, Heat resistant and wear resistant liner plate

      Electronic self-control device: Intelligent direct-start control device, Intelligent pump down start control device, Intelligent soft start-up control device, Intelligent frequency converting control device, Full-automatic control device

      Our company is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrated of scientific research, development, manufacturing and service. We have strong technical force. And we cooperate with Jiangsu University Fluid Center, Shanghai Water pump research institute. Until now, we have 10 national patents, including 3 patents of invention.

      Our products are widely applied in petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, metallurgy, coking, nonferrous metals, municipal engineering, environmental protection, sewage treatment industry. We make efforts to contribute to China social development and industrial development.

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