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      Jiangsu Guoneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Conventional sulfuric acid pump material selection

      Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive acid, very versatile. Different concentration and temperature of sulfuric acid corrosion of materials vary greatly.
      Sulfuric acid general characteristics: boiling point with the concentration increased. Such as: concentration of 5%, a boiling point of 101 ℃; concentration of 50%, a boiling point of 124 ℃;
      Concentration of 98%, a boiling point of 332 ℃. Concentration was less than 75% reduction (or neutral), more than 75% were oxidizing. .
      Common metal table
      316 stainless steel (SUS316, SUS316L): suitable for temperature below 40 ℃, the concentration of about 20%
      904 stainless steel (SUS904, SUS904L): suitable temperature 40 ~ 60 ℃, the concentration of 20 to 75%; temperature of 80 ℃, the concentration of 60%
      Various concentrations between room temperature to 90 ℃: high silicon cast iron (STSi15R)
      A variety of room temperature: pure lead, hard lead
      S-05 steel (0Cr13Ni7Si4): 90 ℃ or less concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid, high temperature (120 ~ 150 ℃)
      Ordinary carbon steel: room temperature for more than 70% concentrated sulfuric acid
      Cast iron: concentrated sulfuric acid at room temperature
      Monel, nickel, due to Nile: the temperature moderately concentrated sulfuric acid
      Titanium-molybdenum alloy (Ti-32Mo): below the boiling point, 60% sulfuric acid, and the following 50 ℃, 98% sulfuric acid
      Hastelloy B, D: The following 100 ℃, 75% sulfuric acid
      Hastelloy C: 100 ℃ about various temperatures
      Nickel-iron (STNiCr202): room temperature, 60 to 90% sulfuric acid
      But most of the metal material is difficult to work on the pump applications and expensive, cost is not high.
      Non-metallic materials
      Fluorine alloy pump has good acid resistance good performance sulfuric acid, proved by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is not yet capable of producing chemical media and its reaction, fluorine plastic is a more economical choice.
      Currently SOCIALIST Pump Group for sulfuric acid nonmetallic products are IHF fluorine pump (for conveying pure acid medium), SJB acid wear pump (may contain particles in the sulfuric acid medium), FSB fluorine plastic pump, FYS-type long axis liquid pumps (no need to worry about leakage), under YMKL wear acid-type liquid pumps.

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