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      Jiangsu Guoneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Priming pump no water Cause

      Priming pump due to ease of use, many customers prefer to use. But sometimes found in the course of self-priming pump no water absorption, the main reasons are as follows:
      Reservoir fluid or liquid not less than plus 1. The self-priming pump within the tank. Priming pump before the first use should be filled with water or the appropriate medium to achieve the purpose of drainage.
      2. The suction pipe leak: suction pipe leak more difficult to check, simple methods are:
      (1) soft object method: light capacity object, a thin piece of paper or a soft feathers, leaned suspected leak at the pump running, watch the flowing of the subject. Similarly, the method can be used as such smog operations (Note that if you open fire).
      (2) Method oil or soapy water: it is difficult to ascertain the intake point, or may be coated with a little soapy water intake in determining the approximate location, soon to be sucked into the air at the place that is.
      3. The suction line is clogged or the pump chamber is blocked, check the clean-up.
      4. Suction lift too high or suction line too long, please pay attention to selection piping requirements.
      5. The pump leaks, repair or replacement.
      6. The impeller is damaged or worn: replace the impeller.
      7. The self-priming pump inlet piping to be done to separate the support, not stress points on the pump body. Doing so may cause pump pulled crack.

      SOCIALIST Pump Group, specializes in vertical WFB-controlled pump, ZW self-priming sewage pump, FZB fluorine plastic pump.


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