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      Jiangsu Guoneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
          Pump Series
          Valve series

      I would like on behalf of all employees, customers and colleagues and the community over the years to care for and support the development of the company's loyal gratitude and respect.

      The company in recent years to strengthen the deep-level cooperation with domestic counterparts, and constantly learn from the advanced level of science and technology, continuously improve and perfect development results at the same time, pay attention to the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements and prospective reserves, focusing on technology as the core, market as the carrier, marketing promote and enhance the company's overall ability to expand market share, the formation of product research and development reserves into production and marketing of a virtuous circle. Strengthen communication with relevant national trade associations, jointly worked out to suit the actual industrial production advanced technology level of industry-standard high-tech products, and constantly promote the overall development of the industry. Promote investment in science and technology to enhance the company's R & D and production capacity, so that enterprises in the same industry leading technology, users get the trust and praise. With the steady improvement of product quality and technology, the company's production capacity and gradually expand the scale of business has established a good reputation and visibility in the market, by the majority of users praise at home and abroad.

      Companies adhere to "scientific management, careful manufacturing, quality service" spirit of enterprise, "sincere cooperation, thick plot Bofa, create brilliant" corporate purposes, "technology innovation, quality win, the pursuit of excellence" corporate philosophy of steady development , and gradually expand.

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